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 But One Thing Is Needful. Linden Avenue Literary Review 48   Use Find Lois Harrod

 Communal Nest.  Vitamin ZZZ. Spring 2019. Download PDF.  

 From Cite to Cease. Linden Avenue Literary Review. 48 (2016).  Use Find Lois Harrod

 It’s Not That Simple. Hamline Lit Link.  

 Leaves Fall like Lapsarians. Open: Journal of Arts & Letters. January 2019.  

 Narcissus Ponders Verge. Antiphon. Download pdf.

 Several Months Before You Were Born:  River Heron Review.   

 Spat. Postcard Poems and Prose.  

A Man Takes His Father Fishing and Tells about It. 3 Elements 17 (Winter 2018), 46.  PDF

A Plop, a Plot. Razor Literary Magazine.  

A Sort of Knowledge. The River Heron  

Abduction of Sorts. Redheaded Stepchild.  

At the Museum of Kisses.  Golden Walkman Magazine. 

Bed. Vitamin ZZZ: Nesting.  

Bed. Stead. Vitamin ZZZ: Nesting.  

Binary. One. 14 (December 8, 2017) 

Blueberries. All the Sins.

Clinched.  Shot Glass. Issue 25, May 2018. 

Committing Poems. All the Sins 

Elegy with Strings Attached. The Ravens Perch

If Every Word Is an Elegy to What It Signifies Press 53: Prime Number Press 53 . 109 (Jul-Sept 2017). 

In Defense of Squirrels. The Ravens Perch. 5/28/18

I Swing into High Gear Sleepy as a Sheet. Vitamin ZZZ: Reset Button.    Spring 2018, 25.  

It’s Not Simple, the Heart: Zingara Poetry Review, posted  2/14/18 Poet’s Picks 

Like Light in a Basin, Gris-Gris

Making Joshua Stand Still.  Masques & Spectacles. 

Meditation on a Summary of Madame Bovary. Twisted Vine. (Fall/Spring 2018), 201.  PDF Available

Moving Walkway.  Shot Glass. Issue 24, May 2018 

No More White Lies. Postcards & Poems. 

Scriba et Labora. Riddled with Arrows. 

Someone Drops a Hat: Alexandria Quarterly. February 9, 2018. 

Something about Affection. Oddball Magazine. January 10, 2018. 

Something Else about Affection: Oddball Magazine. . January 10, 2018. 

 Sometimes the Past Returns. 3Elements. 19 (Summer 2018), 27.   PDF

The Cosmologist on His Divorce. Shot Glass. Issue 25, May 2018. 

The Hinged Heart. Crab Orchard Review. p 85

The Kudzu Explains. The Ravens Perch 5/28/18.

The Nestor Effect. The Nestor Effect. p. 6

The Man without Metaphor.  Off the Coast. Summer 2018. 

This Study, This Cold Strange Study.  The Ravens Perch 5/28/18

Tornado Tongue, Parentheses, Issue 4 (September 2018), 15.   

Vultures. Kelsey Review. p 16

We Illuminate a Night Scene from King Rene's Book of Love. Antiphon. Issue 22 (February 28, 2018), p, 35. Act 3.

 What’s Your Font. U.S. 1 Princeton Info 

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