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 "Her Kisses Were More Stone that Kisses"

 "Landscape laid open like an old newspaper"

 "Voltages for Different Locations"

1939 Ford Sedan. 

A Blessing for This Man. Gris-Gris 6(Winter 2015/2016)

 A Cloud of Words

A Date for Two Concepts at the Ithaca Farmers Market. The Ravens Perch.

A Girl Like a Vulture. Postcard Poems & Prose.

 A Little Poem

A Plop, a Plot. Razor Literary Magazine.  

According to Marcus Aurelius. Palaver  (Fall 2015) Download PDF, 142.

A Small Parenthesis in Eternity

 A Sort of Knowledge. The River Heron  

An Adage or Two for My Father-in-law in a Wyoming Rest Home. Boston Accent Lit

Antidote for an Old Goat

April Canto (poem)

 At the Academy Awards or Best Supporting Grief

At the Museum of Kisses.  Golden Walkman Magazine. 

Baby Bunting. Off the Coast.

Basho Finds Poem in E-Mail

Binary. One. 14 (December 8, 2017) 

Bird. Fourth River, (Fall 2016), 74.

Bread (republished from Brief Term)


Breccia. The Literary Nest. 3:3 (Fall 2017).

Brief Term, Review in Off the Coast by Elizabeth Thomas. 

Brown Paper Bag. The Ibis Head Review, 2 (December 2016), 73.

Cage Josephine Quarterly. 1 (Fall 2013),

CANCELLED CHECK: Sliver of Stone, Issue 14.

Catalpa Leaves. Canary 34 (Fall 2016) 

Clinched.  Shot Glass. Issue 25, May 2018. 

Coffee Cup

Consider the Cicadas. Sugar Mule Woman Writing Nature, 41 (2013), 208

Contributor Spotlight: Lois Marie Harrod.

Copper Radiator


Crow with Salt. Crow with Salt Gulf Coast. January 2014. 


Dodge Poet Spotlight: Lois Marie Harrod.


Doorknobs. Verse Daily. Republished from Ninth Letter. 

Drive-By Shooting (poem)

East by Southeast. Off the Coast.

Echo Works at Queequeg's (story)

Egon Schiele’s Lovers. Star 82 Revies 4.2 (June 2016),

Elegy with Strings Attached. The Ravens Perch

European Tour. The Ibis Head Review, 2 (December 2016), 71.

Even So Dante. The Ravens Perch.

Every Single Thing Becomes a Word: Sequestrum. December 2017.

Everything has been a poem for years. Kelsey Review,XXXII (Fall 2013), 10.

Fall and Fell. September 1 2017. The Ravens Perch. 

Fame. Shot Gun Journal.  19 (May 2016).

Fog in the Alley: Panoply Issue 3 (Spring 2016:

Forgiveness. Sequestrum. December 2016.

Former Mistress of the President Comes Clean at 68

Four Stars: Palaver (Fall 2015) Download PDF, 143.


Fragments from the Biography of Nemesis: Review by Barbara Crooker. 

 From Labyrinth to Linear"

Giorgio Morandi. Finalist. Seventh Annual Nâzim Hikmet Poetry Festival April 26, 2015, Cary NC. Page Walker Arts & History Center, ; 

Given These Operations Are Ongoing. Finalist. Seventh Annual Nâzim Hikmet Poetry Festival April 26, 2015, Cary NC. Page Walker Arts & History Center, 43. ; 

 Goldenrod in Winter

Goodness. Clementine, PDF Book: Clementine Unbound (January-June 2016), 49.

Guide to Snaring Coyotes

Hard White Damn

Her Copper Thighs Summer 2012 Issue, Poetry Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. (Scroll Down) Sharpness and Sensitivity Dumb Fuck

Her Quartz Contentment Winter 2013, p. 5

 Her Story

 Homer Holds Down a Job in the Bureau of Blind Statistics

Houdini Comes to Gillette, Wyoming

 Houdini Comes to Gillette, Wyoming

House. Postcard Poems and Prose: an Intersect of Authors and Art. 

How Did Dinosaurs Have Sex (poem - scroll down)

 How I Lose Sleep

 How Marlene Mae Longs for the Truth

I Don’t Want to be a Tree, I want to be its meaning. The Ravens Perch: Giving Breath to Words. January 2016

I Wake and Think of Paper Strips. Sleepyhead Central. Vitamin Zzz. Summer 2017. 

If a Lion Could Speak, We Would Not Understand Him. Subprimal Poetry Art, Issue V (2015)

 If Deception Be the Worm, Robins We

If Every Word Is an Elegy to What It Signifies Press 53: Prime Number Press 53 . 109 (Jul-Sept 2017). 

In Defense of Squirrels. The Ravens Perch. 5/28/18

In the Mask of a Fox. Still: the Journal.  

In the Metropolitan Museum with My Grandson. September 1 2017. The Ravens Perch.

In the Middle Distance the Tree. Poetry City, 7 (2017), 91. pdf.

Intermittent Clouds. The Ravens Perch.

It’s Not Simple, the Heart: Zingara Poetry Review, posted  2/14/18 Poet’s Picks 

Jake’s Song. Shot Glass Journal.

Lazarus. The Sandy River Review 35:3 (Fall 2015), 16.

Like a Maelstrom with a Notch.  Republished. Mobius: the Journal of Social Change. 27:2 (Summer 2016), 

Little Elegy for My Sister (p 128) download pdf

Little Elegy for My Sister. Assissi: an Online Journal of the Arts Letters. Volume 3: 1&2 (Fall 2012/Spring 2013), 124.

Lot’s Wife (republished online). Redux Literary Journal May 23 2016.

 Love, the English Teacher (Verse Daily)

 Lovers Disembodied like Letters in an Alphabet

Lunch at Lakewood Middle School

Making Joshua Stand Still.  Masques & Spectacles. 

Marlene Mae Contemplates Nihilism (poem)

 Marlene Mae Likens Her Mother to Omega

Marlene Mae Thinks Like a Slug (Prose Poem)

Meditation on a Summary of Madame Bovary. Twisted Vine. (Fall/Spring 2018), 201. 

Migrations, The Ibis Head Review, 2 (December 2016), 74.

Minimum Square Footage

 Misogyny in the Early Twenty-first Century


Moderate to Difficult. The Literary Nest. 3:3 (Fall 2017).

Moving Walkway.  Shot Glass. Issue 24, May 2018 

Moving Walkway. Shot Glass Journal. 

 Ms. Finicky's Grammar Lessons

My Mother Dreamed of Pins. The Indianola Review, III, (2016), 23.

My Mother Joins the Club of Disappointed Moms

 My Sister as a Salmon

My Sister Hears Voices in the New Plumbing. Gris-Gris 6(Winter 2015/2016)

Needle of the Present Moment. Gyroscope. Winter 17-1, 67.

 Never Mind

No Accounting. Rat’s Ass Review: Love and Madness Issue. Spring Summer (2016). 

No More White Lies. Postcards & Poems. 

No. 2 Pencil. Persimmon.

 Now I Want You Softly

Now That Hades Has Cycled Blue

 Orange Popsicle (previously published in Off the Coast)

Orpheus Floating Slowly By. The Kelsey Review (2015) , 11.


Passerine. Shot Glass Journal.


Penelope Decides What to Wear for Her Funeral

 PerleorneqPhone Call to Indonesia

Phone Call from Indonesia

Poems from The Only Is. 

Poems on Verse Daily
Poet as Seducer 

Polymer. Blast Furnace. 3:3 ( October 2013). 

Portrait of Porridge

Ptolemaic. Subprimal, Issue 6 (Spring 2016).

Purple Martin (poem - scroll down)

Quid Perditus Est (scroll down)

Really really new 1/7/16

 Reconciling Rats 

Red Fox. Fourth River, (Fall 2016), 76.

Review: The Slow Dance of Medbh McGuckian: A Review of The High Caul Cap. Literary Mama. May 2014. 

Review: Lois Marie Harrod. Like a Compass into the Far Night: A Review of Broom. Literary Mama (January 2016). 

Sarah Josepha Hale. Shot Glass Journal.

Screaming Her Head Off. Literary Mama. 2017.

Scriba et Labora. Riddled with Arrows. 

Sea of Appearances (poem)

Self Portrait as a Groundhog. The Kelsey Review (2015) , 10.

Seven Deadly Sins. Subprimal. Issue 6 (Spring 2016)

Sex and Hurricanes

Sexing the Sky

Sharpness and Sensitivity: Prairie Wolf Press Review

Shed. The Light Ekphrastic

Sliver of Sunlight. Panoply 5(Winter 2016/2017).


Someone Drops a Hat: Alexandria Quarterly. February 9, 2018. 

Something about Affection. Oddball Magazine. January 10, 2018. 

Something Else about Affection: Oddball Magazine. . January 10, 2018. 

Song of the Grub

 Spelling the World Backwards

St. Ann Becomes a Grandmother (poem)

Story Like a Dog. Shot Glass Journal. 19 (May 2016)

Sugar and Vinegar

The Arbor of Silence. About Place Journal, Trees. II:1 (May 2013) Black Earth Institute, Black Earth, Wisconsin. 2013. 

The Bad Sister

The Bad-Mannered Clock. Postcard Poems & Prose. January 27, 2017.

The Blinding Walls (downloadable origami chapbook--5 poems)

The Cardinal and the Mockingbird. Sugar Mule, 41 (2012), 207-208. PDF download.

 The Children Are Gone

 The Clothes Grinding Down the Line

The Cosmologist on His Divorce. Shot Glass. Issue 25, May 2018. 

The Discordant Grape

The Dream of Hair. Weirderary 

The Face of the Boy I Loved. September 1, 2017. The Ravens Perch.

 The Happy Heart (nominated for Pushcart)

The Heart’s Worst Addictions. Palaver (Fall 2015) Download PDF, 143.

 The Hospital Sonnet

The Island Where My Sister Lives. The Ravens Perch: Giving Breath to Words.

The Kudzu Explains. The Ravens Perch 5/28/18.

The Man without Metaphor.  Off the Coast. Summer 2018. 

The Minor Poet Commits the 8th Deadly Sin. Prime Number

The Minor Poet Gives the Two-Minute Warning

 The Naked Man in the Glass Elevator

 The Naked Man on the Glass Elevator 

The Needle Sings to the Book The Problem with And. September 1, 2017. The Ravens Perch.

 The Shadow of a Crow 

The Shop Teacher. The Wild Goose Review. Spring 2013

The Snow Was Falling. Subprimal Poetry Art.

 The Sonnet of Winter

The Sonnet of Winter

The Spineless. Fourth River online.

 The Sunlight Has Never Heard of Trees

The Uses of Violins. Gyroscope. Winter 17-1, 35.

The White Cat. The Light Ekphrastic

The Widow Laments Another Autumn. Republished in Canary 34 (Fall 2016) 

The Woman Who Lost Her Heart. Perfume River Poetry Review, 4 (2016), 24. Republished from chapbook And She Took the Heart.

The Woman Who Put Herself Back Together. Sliver of Stone, 16 (April, 2018)

The Woman Who Put Herself Back Together. Sliver of Stone, Issue 14. 

There Is Never Enough. Shot Gun Journal, 19 (May 2016.

There Was That Latté. September 1 2017. The Ravens Perch. 

 This Is Not a Cigar "

This Pilgrim's Progress

This Pilgrim’s Progress. from Fragments from the Biography of Nemesis. Republished Sugar MuleWoman Writing Nature, 41 (2013), 206

This Study, This Cold Strange Study. The Ravens Perch 5/28/18

This World’s Light. Panoplyzine. Issue 6, Spring 2017, Theme: Daylight. 

 Time's Winged SUV

Track Marks (poem)


Tsunami (poem)

 Tu Fu

Two Feet In, Six Feet Under. The Kelsey Review.

Upon Hearing Lines of LuYu through Water. Sequestrum. December 2017.

Uttering a Word (poem - scroll down)

Vessel. Finalist. Seventh Annual Nâzim Hikmet Poetry Festival April 26, 2015, Cary NC. Page Walker Arts & History Center, 41. ; 

 Walt Whitman's Sermon on Spirituality to a Certain Congregation of Worms"

Warning in a Bottle Alice Ann at the Comfort Inn Photoris Lucicresens (Scroll down, April 1, 2011) 

We Are Lashed to Our Body: Gris-Gris, Poetry , 6 (Winter 2015/2016) 

We Illuminate a Night Scene from King Rene's Book of Love. Antiphon. Issue 22 (February 28, 2018), p, 35. 

We Stay Most When We Stay Not at All (Scroll Down)

What the Ear Hears, But Eye Has Not Seen. Gyroscope. Winter 17-1, 5.

 What the Elephant Sings

 What the Light Sings

What the Phoenix Sings to the Ashes

What to Do with All Your Grief (poem - scroll down)

 What will your father say down among the shades?"

 What’s Your Font. U.S. 1 Princeton Info 

 While You Were Dying (November 28, 2009)

Wind as Conceptual Artist

Woman in Anklets

 You could Save on a New Sky!

 You Find Your Book in that Secondhand Bookstore in Edison, NJ

You Write Too Much. The Raven’s Perch.

Your Darling Pain. The Ravens Perch.

 Your Name Like Cutlery

Your Sister (poem)

And  a Few More that Won't Alphabetize:


Not All Our Excuses Come to Light

Landscrape with Hillside Partially Effaced. Split the Rock, 5 (Fall 2015) 

Fork. Print Oriented Bastards

The Return of the Generals. Mobius, Fall 2014 

The Suicide’s Room. Clementine Poetry Journal. August 2015. 

Camera Obscura. Lime Hawk Review (Winter 2015).

Cleaning His Felt Hat. Spry Literary Journal,  6 (June 2015)

Dumb Fuck. Republished by Vietnam War Poetry, Joy LeBaron, editor. (2015)

“For the earth is filled with violence.” Lime Hawk Review (Winter 2015). 

Hangnail Sun. Lime Hawk Review (Winter 2015). 

Petitio Principii: Heron Tree. April 12, 2015. 

Post Traumatic Shock. Vietnam War Poetry, edited Joy LeBaron. (2015)

The Notebooks.  Travel by the books, February 2015. 

The Soul Selects Her Lamborghini.  Clementine Poetry: on online poetry journal. (January 2015).

The Shop Teacher. The Wild Goose Review. Spring 2013.

For as Long as a Paragraph. Jet Fuel Review.

Nameless Wireless Caller. Slushpile Magazine (Harvard) 

No Important Things. Watershed Review.

The Heart of Dough. Little Patuxent Review.

Another Note to My Dead Mother. Clementine Poetry: an online poetry journal.

Anxiety. Shot Gun Poetry Journal; Online Journal of Short Poetry. 

from Nightmares of the Minor Poet (a foldable chapbook). Origami Poetry Project, August     2014,The Origami Poems Project, PO Box 1623East Greenwich, RI 02818,    

It’s All Insomnia for Epimetheus. Red Rose Review, Winter 2014. 

Marlene Mae Talks about Denial. Bellingham Review. Online.

Marlene Mae Thinks about Hair. Poem republished. Chapbook featured on Sundress Blog. Aug 18-20, 2014. 

Marlene Mae’s Mother Turns Seventy-Six and Her Physician Asks if She Is Still Sexually Active. Bellingham Review. Online. Fall 2014

The Blue Sky Was Leaping. Republished. Diverse Voices Quarterly. Issue 7, 23 2014. 

Truth Sat in the Barber Chair: published by the Origami Project in a 5 poem chapbook,

Short Stories